Mr. Kevin Carden is Director of Astrapé Consulting, an energy consulting organization with a focus on resource planning. Under Kevin’s leadership, Astrapé Consulting has provided consulting services to utilities nationwide including the Southern Company, TVA, SCE, LG&E, Duke Energy, FERC, EISPC, PGE, SMUD, APS, CLECO, SCE, SDGE, and LCRA. For the Southern Company, he led the redevelopment of SERVM, a now industry-leading Resource Adequacy Planning tool that is managed and licensed by Astrapé. Additional responsibilities have included significant reliability and resource adequacy studies for clients across the U.S., project financial analysis, RFP independent evaluation, renewable capacity valuation, demand side management program development, and contract management for many large capital projects. Kevin holds a B.S. in Industrial Engineering from the University of Alabama. Kevin holds a U.S. patent in Generation Reliability Modeling techniques (#7698233).  Resume
face2 Mr. Nick Wintermantel is a Principal at Astrapé Consulting. An engineer with an MBA, Nick has been active in the energy industry since 2000, holding various positions within the Southern Company before joining Astrapé Consulting. He has broad experience in integrated resource planning, system production cost modeling, reliability modeling, intermittent resource integration, generation development, contract structuring, and risk analysis. While at Astrapé Consulting, Nick has performed work for large utilities and organizations across the U.S.  including the Southern Company, TVA, Duke Energy, Louisville Gas & Electric, ERCOT, FERC, EISPC, PGE, SCE, PNM, and the California Public Utility Commission. Nick’s most recent work has focused on system modeling engagements using the Strategic Energy Risk Valuation Model (SERVM) for clients.   Resume
face2 Mr. Parth Patel is a senior software engineer at Astrapé Consulting. He is responsible for managing and enhancing the Strategic Energy Risk Valuation Model (SERVM). Parth holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the  University of Alabama at Birmingham and currently pursuing an M.S. in Electrical Engineering. He has experience in industrial controls, artificial intelligence algorithms, image processing, and designing software for autonomous robots.  Resume


Advisory Consultants

face2Harold T. Judd
Mr. Judd brings over 25 years of diverse expertise with regulated industries and emerging markets. He specializes in advising regulators and companies on strategies for the post-deregulation era for electric utilities. Harry is actively involved in the design and management of competitive solicitations for power supply to meet wholesale energy needs and provides mediation services to the energy industry, and advises regulators and operators in the area of nuclear decommissioning planning and funding. He has extensive experience with market structuring, both to meet changing markets and through bankruptcy.
Harry’s background includes serving as a consumer advocate, federal prosecutor, state’s counsel, and counsel for utilities and energy marketers.

face3 Alan Kessler
Mr. Kessler has represented clients on engagements relating to corporate and operational management, mergers and acquisitions, regulatory litigation, business reorganizations and restructurings. He has been a consultant to the electric industry for over 20 years, and has worked in management positions for a major natural gas utility, a state public utilities commission, and a large electric utility. Prior to his affiliation with Accion Group, Inc., he was a partner in Deloitte Consulting and Ernst & Young.