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Astrapé Consulting, now part of PowerGEM, a leading expert in the field of electric system planning services and resource adequacy studies, is looking for a bright-minded consultant to join our continually expanding business.

We are working on some of the most pressing challenges in the electric power industry as electric systems add significant wind, solar, and battery resources while still seeking to protect customer reliability.

For 18 years Astrapé has engaged in system planning projects for utilities, regulators and system operators across North America and worldwide.

Our consultants interface with system planning executives on a weekly basis as our clients rely on our simulation tools and expertise to solve their ever growing challenges.

Our work environment here at Astrapé is fast-paced and demanding, but we also provide significant flexibility to employees. As a small, but quickly growing company, all employees have latitude to determine working hours and employees with 5+ years of industry experience can determine work location (remote, hybrid, or in office).

Other benefits include annual bonus, retirement plans, competitive vacation, and healthcare plans.

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