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The Story of Astrapé

The Story Of Astrapé

Astrapé Consulting was founded in 2005 by Director Kevin Carden after Astrapé took over the development of SERVM from The Southern Company.

Since then, Astrapé has continually improved SERVM, become the exclusive licensor of SERVM, and SERVM is utilized in jurisdictions across the United States, Europe, and Asia.

Astrapé now boasts over a dozen employees from across the country. When they are not finding answers to the world’s reliability questions, you can find the Astrapé staff engaging in intense games of pickleball and Texas Hold Em’ and enjoying the beautiful Alabama outdoors together.

Our expert staff can provide support on

Physical Reliability Studies

Variable Energy Resource ELCC Studies


Our Consultants

Kevin Carden Director at Astrapé Consulting

Kevin Carden

Founder and CEO

Parth Patel Senior Software Engineer at Astrape Consulting

Parth Patel

Director of Software Development

Chase Winkler Consultant at Astrape Consulting

Chase Winkler

Managing Consultant

Alex Dombrowsky Engineering Analyst at Astrape Consulting

Alex Dombrowsky

Managing Consultant

Cole Benson Consultant at Astrape Consulting

Cole Benson

Managing Consultant

Rajaz Amitava Consultant at Astrape Consulting

Rajaz Amitava

Managing Consultant

Justin Brooks

Managing Consultant

Joel Dison Senior Contract Consultant at Astrape Consulting

Joel Dison

Technical Manager

Tobe Anyaezu Optimization Engineer at Astrape Consulting

Tobe Anyaezu

Optimization Engineer

Stepan Vancurik Software Engineer at Astrape Consulting

Stepan Vancurik, Ph.D.

Software Engineer

Jake Blizman


Nick Simmons Consultant at Astrape Consulting

Nick Simmons


Donald Webster Software Engineer at Astrape Consulting

Donald Webster

Software Engineer

Jenny Davis Office Administrator at Astrape Consulting

Jenny Davis

Executive Assistant

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